January 2021

Perfect Happiness

Published on Kindle, 4th February 2021

What is it about Jane Austen and lockdown?  So many people of all ages and background have picked up one of her books over the last year and enjoyed her wonderfully sharp, romantic world for the first – or the twenty-fifth time. The films, based on her books whether accurately or in a modern homage are just as popular. Is it the style of period, those delicious high waisted dresses, worn with pelisse and bonnet? Or the ringlets? Or the formal males in black, plus a few peacocks in shimmering brocade? Or is it that during the Regency period wars were fought all over the world, in the background, and that society cared deeply about money and class, in the foreground? Certainly, money is just as popular…
At any rate Lume Books decided it was a good time to reissue my sequel to Austen’s novel ‘Emma’. Our heroine has married the famous Mr. Knightley, perfect happiness is predicted. Any state of mind less likely between the head-strong, spoiled child and the school-masterly, much older husband would be hard to find. Definitely the basis for a new story. So I thought in 1995 and so I think even more now.