Loving Attitudes

Loving Attitudes

(1988) Pan

‘An entertaining domestic comedy with an edge of believable tragedy’ London Evening Standard

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The original hardback of Loving Attitudes has a cover painting by the wonderful artist, Glynn Boyd Harte who died much too young. He made me pose for it in a little cottage in our village so some readers thought the book must be about my life. In fact, it isn’t at all. Here’s a part of the original blurb:

‘Loving Attitudes’ deals with the effects on Mary and her family of the sudden reappearance of the daughter who had been adopted twenty-two years earlier. An American now, determined to uncover her past, she becomes the catalyst in the lives of all her English relatives. She teaches her half-sister, Lucy, to look afresh at her love affair with her fellow student, Jo. She forces Mary’s husband to make a new assessment of his wife. She arouses in Mary herself a dangerous wish to find Richard Beck, the great love of her life, and to rekindle at forty the passions of eighteen.’

Adoption is a fertile ground for novelists, I’ve written this as a comedy of manners as well as a love story.