Lies and Loyalties

Lies and Loyalties

(2008) Orion

‘Rachel Billington has created an utterly gripping page-turner, rich in sub plots.’ The Spectator

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It is well known that in England today the division between the rich and successful and the poor and failing is getting wider and wider. Lies and Loyalties is my attempt to reflect the society I see around me in contemporary London. The novel is cast in the form of a thriller with murder at the beginning and end of the book. Throughout it, I’m trying to paint a picture of the different worlds that exist side by side in the city. The main characters are all from one family: Roland, Leo, Bill and Charlie are four brothers; Portia is their sister and there are two very different wives, Lizzie, an ex-prostitute, and Maggie. They led me to Parliament, the Law Courts, a mental hospital, a prison and Westminster Cathedral. The stresses and strains as well as the affection within families has always been one of my themes. Here I use it to explore the lies and loyalties of the title which spread out from the family into society. It’s a fast moving story and I hope that readers will be entertained as well as being shocked and moved.