Star Time

Star Time

(1984) Methuen

‘Touching and funny…’ The Financial Times

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I drew on my experiences as the wife of a film director (Kevin Billington) to write the adventures of Charlotte, a young girl chosen to act in the costume drama, Ladies and Gentlemen. It’s her life’s dream but the film set is nothing like she imagines. She has no script and no one seems certain what she’s expected to do. Her sixteenth century ringlets keep dropping out and Jo Henry, the director reminds Charlotte of an animal tamer. Unfortunately the conceited Big Star, Red Smith, hates Jo Henry and a great struggle for dominance follows in which Charlotte is soon embroiled.

Star-Time is definitely more comedy than realism. I wrote it for my daughter, Chloe, who played the little girl in the film of Harold Pinter’s ‘Betrayal’ and she has gone to become a professional actor.