‘Oh politics!’ exclaimed Dan as if that was the end of the matter.

‘But I was stopped in the street. A huge furry thing thrust in my face. Polly paused. ‘It was embarrassing.’

Dan looked marginally more interested. ‘Did you say anything?’

‘That’s what I’m trying to tell you! It was humiliating. Like failing an exam. I’d had quite a good day up to then. Jack actually asked my opinion. I answered him.’

‘It’s no good talking to you.’ Dan returned to the sports section.

‘Of course I didn’t say anything. How could I say anything when I don’t know anything. You tell me that often enough. Do you want a drink?’

‘I’ll get it.’ Dan sprang to his feet.

With a glass in his hand he was more sociable. Polly stared at him over the kitchenette bar. How handsome he was! She had almost forgotten about the reporter.

‘What did he ask you?’


‘The reporter. TV was it?’

‘Him.’ Polly smiled. ‘I don’t know why I cared. I’ve never got the point of politics. I just felt stupid at the time. There were people queuing to give their opinions. Do you think I should go on twitter, Dan?’

‘You still haven’t told me what he asked you.’

Polly came and sat on the arm of Dan’s chair. She stroked his hair lovingly. ‘I don’t know. It was about this election thing, who I wanted to win. If I went on twitter, I might want to know more.’

‘Opinions and knowledge are not the same thing. You know a lot about household utilities.’ Dan put down his drink and slid his hand under Polly’s skirt.’

Polly pretended not to notice. ‘That’s because I’m paid to know. If I went on twitter, I might become more involved.’

‘Involvement, is that what you want.’ Dan, hand moving under the skirt, watched the flush rise on Polly’s face. ‘I’d say you were pretty involved right now.’

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