Poppy's Hero

Poppy’s Hero

Frances Lincoln (2012)

‘sensitively and realistically echoes the experience of children with a parent in prison.’ Prison Advice and Care Trust

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Poppy’s Hero

When Poppy discovers her dad is in jail, she’s furious - and wants him free. But the great escape she plans with her friend Will doesn’t work out. Soon she’s taking lessons from Angel, a hard-edged boy who knows all about the strange world of prisoners and their families - and up against the harsh realities, Poppy’s questions really begin…

Poppy’s Hero

‘A well observed story inspired by the author’s 20 years of prison work’ The Independent on Sunday

‘An enjoyable read..Could help children like Poppy..feel less alone.’ Inside Time

‘This book is an excellent read and can be enjoyed by adults as well as younger people. With an original storyline, interesting format and a believable ending this book is an excellent addition to the library stock.’The School Librarian

‘Sharply realistic Books for Keeps

‘A fast moving story about family, friends and adventure’ Carousel