The Missing Boy Continued Reviews & Press

‘The Missing Boy, Billington’s 20th novel, is brilliantly crafted and a compelling read.’ The Spectator

‘The subject (a runaway child) is compelling … this is one of every parent’s worst nightmares and Billington itemises it without flinching … keeps the tension rising and it all feels horribly believable. She is particularly good at showing the adults unravel.’ The Sunday Times

‘Dan is a subtle study; his vulnerability, his innocence, his resourceful intelligence and his dawning moral sense are wonderfully convincing … As in Mark Haddon’s, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time (which is on Dan’s bedside table), the young boy’s crisis forces the parental generation to reassess their behaviour, but it does not provide a fairy-tale solution.’ The Daily Telegraph

‘Billington explores the difficulties of growing up and growing older with exquisite attention to detail’ She

‘This easy-to-read tale is moving and poignant’ Star Magazine

‘a well-wrought, honest book that is generous with its insights and tender in all the right places’ Daily Express

‘Highly readable …. written with wisdom and compassion’ The Times